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19 March 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 34
Lessons for Washington from Mesopotamia Go Unstudied -- For a generation, American politicians and arm-chair generals have blathered on about “the lessons of Vietnam.” Largely, they have been less interested in the lessons and more interested in fighting the great historical battle of “what if.” Much the same is happening with regard to the conflict, four years old today, in Mesopotamia. There are genuine lessons to be studied, if only one wants to take the time to look.

Poll of Iraq-Namese Shows Disappointment -- Almost four years ago to the hour, America went to war with the Saddamite regime in Baghdad. Despite a quick battlefield victory, the Americans have failed in their attempt to put a friendly, democratic and secular regime in place that is dedicated to a united Iraq. Instead, the Bush administration has done for Iraq-Nam what it did for New Orleans; it sat on its hands and watched the disaster unfold. A recent poll of Iraq-Namese citizens shows the depth of their disappointment.

China Plans State-Owned Challenger to Boeing and Airbus -- The Airbus 380, the biggest passenger liner in the world, is making its maiden voyage across the Atlantic today, and the aviation press is covering that as well as the announcement by the People’s Republic of China, that it wants a civilian aerospace manufacturing industry. Given the expected rate of growth in Chinese civil aviation, that is no surprise. At the same time, it represents a direct challenge to Airbus and Boeing.

A Perfect Mess: The Hidden Benefits of Disorder is Perfectly Right -- There are two sorts of people in the world. Those who are neat and orderly, and those who actually get things done. At least, that is the premise of a new book by Eric Abrahamson and David Freedman, called A Perfect Mess: The Hidden Benefits of Disorder. They maintain that the time and effort that go into maintaining order in any situation is not worth it.

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