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30 March 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 39
Former Aide Contradicts AG’s Story on Fired US Attorneys -- Former Justice Department Chief of Staff D. Kyle Sampson testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday, and in doing so, he mortally wounded the career of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. While he avoided the word “lie,” he essentially stated that the AG hasn’t been honest with Congress or the American people in the case of the eight fired US attorneys. As usual in Washington, it isn’t the initial crime or possible crime that counts but rather it’s the attempt to cover up one’s tracks that causes the trouble.

House of Lords Scuppers UK Casino Law -- The House of Lords threw the New Labour government a curve (or perhaps, bowled Mr. Blair a googly) by defeating the proposed casino law in the UK. Although the House of Commons had passed the measure with a majority of 24, Their Lordships decided by three votes that the Casino Advisory Panel’s recommendations were bad for the country. Tessa Jowell, Labour’s culture secretary, plain and simple botched it.

Dell to Sell Computers Loaded with Linux -- Dell is the second largest computer maker in the world, and like a lot of second place entities, it would like very much to be first. One way to do that is to listen to customers, and Dell launched its IdeaStorm about a month ago to get information from people who buy computers. Dell has already learned that there is great demand for Linux operating systems. Some 70% of IdeaStormers said they’d use Linux boxes if they could get them. So, Dell is going to start selling them.

“Star Wars” Makes it to US Postage Stamps -- Stamp collecting is a decent enough past time for old men and young kids on a rainy afternoon. No one gets hurt, and one might learn something from it. Still, philately carries an aura of “geekiness” about it. Whether the new “Star Wars” stamps from the US Postal Service will increase or decrease that aura is open to debate.

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