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2 April 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 40
Clinton Wins Democratic Money Primary -- The March 31 deadline for presidential candidates to close their financial books for the first quarter passed over the week-end. Now, the campaigns are tabulating their receipts, and it looks like Hillary Clinton will be declared the winner of the fundraising battle among Democrats. In a democracy, such things don’t matter much, but America’s is heavily tinged with plutocracy, and in such a system, money is the measure of who’s a serious candidate and who isn’t.

US and South Korea Make Free Trade Deal -- It took ten months of rather intense discussions, occasionally interrupted by security crises emanating from north of the 38th parallel, but the US and South Korea have inked a free trade agreement. Since Mr. Bush’s “fast-track” authorization from Congress to negotiate such deals expires on July 1, because any such deal needs 90-days for review, yesterday’s deal came right at the deadline. Unfortunately, this agreement provides for trade that isn’t entirely free.

Tribune Co. Takes Zell’s $8.2 Billion Offer -- Tribune Co., which owns the Chicago Cubs baseball team, the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times among other things, has accepted a $8.2 billion buy-out offer from billionaire Sam Zell. This is a blow to the other bidders, Los Angeles billionaires Eli Broad and Ron Burkle, who will have their money for consolation. Tribune says it will sell off the Cubs at the end of the season, and Zell’s deal should be final sometime in the fourth quarter.

Lights out Forever at Hammersmith Palais -- The Hammersmith Palais had its last live performances this past week-end. The Good, the Bad and the Queen played Saturday night, and the Fall wound up affairs on Sunday. The summer will continue to see some club nights, but the promoter says that there is little likelihood of any major acts ever again. The Palais is slated for demolition to make way for another office block, just what London needs.

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