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11 April 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 44
Aussie Special Forces Headed Back to Afghanistan -- Among US veterans, the Korean War is also known as the “Forgotten War,” a name that also fits the current fighting in Afghanistan. The Afghan conflict should be over. The Karzai government should be as well entrenched as any Kabul regime ever was (which isn’t much, granted). Instead, the US and its allies went off on a Mesopotamian adventure and left Afghanistan to simmer. This mistake has led to a resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan, and that has cause the Australian government to order 300 of its best troops back to fight the Taliban.

Bush Presses for Immigration Reform -- With the war in Iraq-Nam hanging around his neck like a noose, President George “LBJ” Bush is trying desperately to find some kind of domestic issue upon which to build a positive legacy. This week, he suggested that immigration reform legislation might just be the ticket. The latest idea floated from the Oval Office includes a fine for illegals and a guest worker program. Any final resolution of this issue will require an acknowledgement of facts that no one in the debate appears to accept.

Buffet’s Buying Railroad Stock -- Warren Buffet is the second richest man in America, and he got that position by investing wisely. His rules are pretty simple. He doesn’t invest in anything he doesn’t understand. He doesn’t invest if he thinks the stock is already fairly valued. He doesn’t invest for a quick profit. When a man worth multi-billions makes an investment move, his decision often offers others a lesson. The pilot fish feeds best when it watches what the shark does. Mr. Buffet is now buying US railroad stocks.

Kate Walsh Hits UK Charts without iPod or Record Deal -- Kate Walsh is a 23-year-old classically trained pianist who doesn’t even own an iPod. She doesn’t have a record deal either. What she does have is the number one download album on the iTunes UK Chart. She recorded it in a friend’s bedroom (hence the name “Tim’s House” for the album). For a few hundred pounds, she has effectively destroyed the record industry’s business model. If it hadn’t been her, it would have been someone else, but good for her all the same.

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