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16 April 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 46
Ex-Military Brass Say Climate Change Affects National Security -- Global warming, greenhouse gases and Al Gore’s Oscar rarely get treated as anything other than a matter of prosperity versus conservation for its own sake. A new report from the CNA Corporation, a private think-tank, brings a national security dimension to the discussion. Written by six retired admirals and five retired generals, National Security and the Threat of Climate Change “explores ways projected climate change is a threat multiplier in already fragile regions, exacerbating conditions that lead to failed states — the breeding grounds for extremism and terrorism.”

Al-Sadr’s Ministers Quit Iraq-Namese Cabinet -- Moqtada al-Sadr is leader of a group that holds 32 seats in the 275-member parliament of Iraq-Nam. Until yesterday, it held 6 ministries. Because the government of Nouri al-Maliki has refused to set a timetable for the US and other foreign troops to leave the country, those 6 ministers resigned. This is not a fatal blow to the government, as the MPs are likely to continue to vote with it when doing so serves their purposes. However, the purpose of the resignations is not to bring down the government. Their purpose is to give Mr. al-Sadr some distance from the Green Zone government as he works his way to being the top man in the nation.

Wolfowitz Must Leave World Bank -- Forget for a moment that Paul Wolfowitz is one of the architects of the disastrous war in Iraq-Nam. Forget for a moment that his actions in the first part of this decade would have landed him in the Hague to stand trial for war crimes had he been Serbian. Forget for a moment that he is a chemist and mathematician by education not an economist, and thus, is unqualified to head the World Bank. He needs to resign from the World Bank because he abused his position of power to enrich his girlfriend thus undermining the Bank’s drive against corruption around the world.

Baseball Celebrate 60 Years of Integration -- April 15 is best known in America as the day tax forms have to be postmarked. However, for the last 60 years, it has also been the anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in major league baseball. The event preceded the integration of the US military by about 15 months, and it is the real beginning of the civil rights era. Yesterday, the majors marked this occasion with a plethora of jerseys bearing Mr. Robinson’s old number, 42.

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