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2 May 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 53
Immigrants Rally on May Day -- Although May 1 is the international workers’ day, in the US, it has become immigrant day. Yesterday, in several cities people not born in America (and their supporters) held rallies to demand a path to citizenship for those without the appropriate papers. Larger rallies had been held last year, but organizers say that the turn out still reflects a growing need for reform. Those opposed got their say in the media as well. As usual, both sides were talking at cross-purposes on an issue with no solution.

Pressure Increases on Israel’s Olmert to Resign -- Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has promised to stay on as leader of the nation despite a recent report that castigates him for the botched war against Hezbollah in Lebanon last year. He said right before an emergency cabinet meeting earlier today, “To all those who are in haste in order to take advantage of the report for political profit, I tell them not to be hasty.” Mr. Olmert should make haste. A good rule for democratic politicians is to resign if they lose a war of choice.

Murdoch Bids $5 Billion for Dow Jones -- The late Mike Royko used to say that no self-respecting fish would let itself be wrapped in a Rupert Murdoch newspaper. Mr. Murdoch is to the news business what muzak is to the art of music. So, when he bid $5 billion to take over Dow Jones & Co., publishers of the Wall Street Journal, he threatened to make the WSJ’s news section as bad as its editorial page. Mercifully, the Bancroft family, which controls a majority of the votes, doesn’t like the idea of joining News Corp. And yet, there’s that nagging feeling that the Bancrofts may take the money and run.

TB Patient Jailed For Disobeying Doctor’s Orders -- This journal believes that jail is for people who represent a persistent threat to the safety and property of others. Punishment and rehabilitation are great, but the real objective is to remove those who don’t play well with others from the sandbox. Robert Daniels of Maricopa County (Phoenix), Arizona, is in jail because he is a threat to others, despite not committing a crime. Mr. Daniels has a drug-resistant case of tuberculosis, has failed to take the necessary drugs prescribed and wandered around in public without a mask. One doesn’t want to be around when he coughs.

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