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4 May 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 54
Ten GOP Presidential Contenders Hold Joint Press Conference -- Last night, 10 of the Republican Partyís big wigs turned up at the Ronald Reagan Library hoping that some of the old codgerís magic would rub off on them. No such luck. Instead, they let NBCís Chris Matthews toss fairly easy questions at them, and each failed to knock the ball out of the park. The election is 18 months away, and already, one is tired of the GOPís gaggle of goons. The winner was Fred Thompson because he hasnít announced, and so he wasnít there.

Labour Beaten in British Local Elections -- While the results continue to come in, the British electorate has made clear that the days of the Labour government are numbered. BBC research projects that the Conservatives got about 41% of the votes cast, Labour 27% and the Liberal Democrats 26%. The Scottish and Welsh Nationalists made inroads in the devolved assemblies. In Scotland, there appears to have been a voting meltdown of Floridian proportions, but Labour may be supplanted by the Nationalists as the largest party north of the Cheviots. Prime Minister Blair said, ďthese results provide a perfectly good springboard to win in the general election.Ē Indeed, they do, for the Tories.

Reuters Stock Rises on Buyout Offer -- After Rupert Murdoch made his bid for Dow Jones & Co., it seemed logical for Reuters to find itself the target of a takeover offer. The Toronto Globe and Mail says the suitor is Thomson Corp. Reuters isnít saying, but Thomson hasnít denied anything. Reuters stock rose almost 27% on the news, and more is likely.

Golden State Warriors Take Dallas out of NBA Play-Offs -- Judging from the tone of this morningís sports columnists, the Golden State Warriors had no business playing on the same court as the Dallas Mavericks. Dallas had the best team in the NBA. It had Dirk Nowitzki, the purported MVP of the league. It had the best record. It had everything but more points than Golden State. What is surprising is the surprised tone. Golden State had Dallasí number all year long.

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