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7 May 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 55
Pentagon’s MHAT IV Survey Questions Troops’ Battlefield Ethics -- Last Friday, the Pentagon released the findings of the fourth Mental Health Advisory Team survey, MHAT IV. This survey is used to keep an eye on damage combat does to the human mind, and especially those in uniform fighting Mr. Bush’s war. For the first time, the MHAT asked about battlefield ethics, in particular the treatment of Iraq-Namese civilians. The findings suggest that some US troops are losing the hearts and minds of those they ostensibly are meant to help.

France Elects Sarkozy President -- About 85% of the French electorate trotted down to the polls yesterday and selected the next president of the Fifth Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy. He will officially takeover on May 16, but he is already making changes. For example, the new prime minister will be Francois Fillon, who just happens to be the president-elect’s senior political advisor. However, the winds of change aren’t done blowing through the country.

Alcoa Makes Hostile Offer for Alcan -- America’s big aluminum company Alcoa has made a hostile bid for Canada’s biggest aluminum company Alcan valued at US$33 billion. The resulting company would be the world’s biggest producer of the 13th element on the periodic table, with $54 billion in revenues, 188,000 workers and a production capacity of 7.8 million tons a year. For two years, the two companies have tried various ways to work closer, including merger talks, but Alcoa finally lost its patience. Interestingly, it is Canadian law that makes Alcan such an attractive target.

Manchester United Secures Premiership Title -- A couple of weeks ago, English soccer was poised for a glorious and amazing ending to the 2006-2007 campaign. Manchester United (also known as Satan’s Team) and Chelsea were set to fight it out for the Premiership, the Champions’ League crown and the FA Cup. The calendar had it all coming down to three head-to-head matches. Apparently, the soccer gods decided that would be too much fun for mere mortals. The wheels came of Chelsea’s wagon in the last fortnight, and yesterday, Manchester United mathematically secured the Premiership Title.

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