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11 May 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 57
House Republicans Warn Bush on Iraq-Nam -- Yesterday, 11 Republican members of the House of Representatives visited President Bush at the White House to tell him they needed to see progress in Iraq-Nam by September. Congressman Ray LaHood of Illinois told him, “The American people are war-fatigued. The American people want to know there’s a way out. We will hang with them [the administration] until September, but we need an honest assessment in September. People’s patience is running very, very thin.” The cracks in the dam are beginning to show.

Blair to Leave Office June 27 -- If anyone’s counting, it has been 953 days since Prime Minister Tony Blair said he would not go “on and on and on” in office, denying that he would seek a fourth election victory. Yesterday, he finally set a date to stop going “on and on and on,” June 27, 2007, 1,000 days exactly since he made his announcement. By way of comparison, John Kennedy was President of the USA only 1,036 days. Mr. Blair’s departure has been a long time coming, and frankly, long overdue.

China’s Stock Market Trading Surpass All of Asia’s -- The growth of capitalism in Communist China continues apace. The value of the stocks traded on the Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges on Wednesday reached a combined value of Rmb376.9 billion (roughly £24.6 billion). This is more than the value of all stocks traded throughout the rest of Asia, and it’s bigger than the amount traded in London. Bubbles don’t happen under communism, so the Chinese may be cruising for a disappointment.

Fight Breaks out at Boston Pops Concert -- Regular readers know that Boston, Massachusetts, is not the favorite burg of this journal. Yet another reason for loathing the town came on Wednesday night. During a concert by the Boston Pops (perhaps the only decent operation in the whole city), a fist fight broke out. This brings American culture to a new low with Symphony Hooligans.

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