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21 May 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 61
Senate Immigration “Deal” Pleases Too Few -- The US Senate and the White House hammered out a compromise on immigration policy at the end of last week. Over the week-end, the opposition to the deal grew ominously. The nativists are screaming “amnesty!” which is about the most insulting word they can muster. The open-borders crowd complains that the new system would discourage reunification of families and is too harsh on illegal immigrants. The deal looks like it’s doomed because the extremists on both sides are too emotional to act in any way but confrontationally.

Lebanon Sees Worst Fighting Since Civil War Ended -- The Lebanese Army and armed members of a group calling itself Fatah al-Islam left dozens dead over the weekend. The Army got its backside kicked with about 20 dead and only 2 Fatah KIA. When Lebanese Army shells started falling near the Nahr al-Bared refugee the casualties were evened up. And several non-combatants wound up dead, too. Best of all, Syria may well be involved, or a new brand of Islamic radicalism is at fault. Welcome back to the 1980s.

China Buys 9.9% of Blackstone Group -- The Communist Party of China has decided that investment in an American private equity group is a good idea. Blackstone Group, which specializes in buying up companies and then selling them off at a profit, will sell about 9.9% of its equity to a still-forming state investment agency for $3 billion. Until now, the People’s Republic of China has been content to hold low-yield instruments like US Treasuries. The move into Blackstone may make a watershed event.

Drogba’s Extra Time Goal Wins FA Cup for Chelsea -- When Manchester United won the English Premiership, clouds blotted out the sun, animals went mad and crops began to fail. On Saturday, things were looking bleak in the FA Cup Final that pitted Chelsea (also known as the Forces of Light and Justice) against Man U (Satan’s team). The first half was tedious, the second inconclusive, and extra time was running down toward penalty kicks to decide things. Then, the clouds parted, the animals recovered and the crops rallied with Didier Drogba’s goal to give Chelsea a 1-0 triumph. Like Waterloo, it was a damn near thing that came right in the end.

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