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28 May 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 64
Homeland Security Doesn’t Focus on Terror Threat -- A new analysis of federal records proves what many believed based on anecdotal evidence. The Department of Homeland Security (Heimatschutzministerium in the original) spends most of its time and effort on minor administrative violations of immigration law and very little on the terrorist threat the Bush administration wants Americans to believe hangs over their heads. In truth, the statistics suggest what this journal has said for a long time: America is not likely to suffer much in the way of terror attacks. The environment for terrorist plotters is incredibly toxic.

Irish Voters Give Ahern Third Term -- It took a few days to count the ballots thanks to Ireland’s system of proportional representation, but it was hardly as lengthy, messy or controversial as Florida’s count in 2000. At the end of the day, Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern won a third term from Irish voters. The only question is which minor party or parties will his Fianna Fail party invite into the coalition. His previous allies, the Progressive Democrats lost seats, and the Greens may take the new coalition in a slightly different direction than the previous government. Regardless, Mr. Ahern has done the improbable.

NASDAQ Bids $3.7 Billion for Nordic OMX -- The US stock market NASDAQ has made an offer to buy its Swedish counterpart, OMX, for $3.7 billion. NASDAQ still has pots of money from its failed attempt to by the London Stock Exchange earlier this year for $5.3 billion. The OMX appears to be a good deal for NASDAQ since it operates not just in Scandinavia but it also provides technology for stock trading in places like Hong Kong and Singapore. The offer puts some pressure on the competition.

McDonald’s Petitions Oxford English Dictionary over “McJobs” --McDonald’s, purveyor of hamburgers and fries the world over, has a bone to pick with the good people at the Oxford English Dictionary. The people of the Ronald McDonald Republic don’t like the definition of “McJobs,” which the OED says, is “an unstimulating, low-paid job with few prospects, especially one created by the expansion of the service sector” McDonald’s is actually petitioning for a change in definition. Sorry, guys, but that isn’t how dictionaries work.

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