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4 June 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 67
JFK Pipeline Bomb Plot Was Not a Serious Threat -- Over the week-end, people in the New York City area were told that they had been saved from a dastardly plot to blow up the aviation fuel pipeline that serves John F. Kennedy Airport in Queens, New York. The media alleged that thousands would have died, making it worse than September 11, 2001. Diner waitresses and neighbors had reporters all over them trying to unmask the souls would-be evil-doers. In truth, this was another baggy-pants, seltzer squirting bunch of idiots who brought to jihad all the competence and effectiveness that the Three Stooges brought to plumbing projects.

Charles Taylor’s Show Trial Opens without Defendant -- Former Liberian President Charles Taylor boycotted the opening of his war crimes trial in The Hague earlier today. Accused of backing rebels in Sierra Leone who are responsible for thousands of dead and even more maimed, Mr. Taylor decided he wouldn’t participate in the proceedings. He wrote a letter that his lawyer offered the court in which he wrote that he believed he would “not receive a fair trial at the Special Court at this time.” Once again, the unworkable nature of this sort of trial proves that Churchill was right; summary execution is preferable.

Australia to Start Carbon Trading Scheme -- The US and Australia are the only two developed economies that haven’t signed up for the Kyoto Protocols on cutting greenhouse gas emissions, which are the cause for much of recently observed global warming. Australia’s Prime Minister John Howard has just announced that Australia will begin a carbon trading system that he says will be better than those in place in Europe. Of course, it won’t happen until 2012, and the target for greenhouse gas reduction isn’t due for release until next year. Mr. Howard, thus, has earned a slouching ovation.

Dutch Kidney Donor TV Contest Was a Hoax -- The leading contender for best practical joke of the year has to be the Dutch TV grogram “The Big Donor Show,” which aired on Friday in the Netherlands. The premise was that three people suffering from kidney disease would compete for the kidney of a terminally ill woman who would choose which of the three would get her spare parts. At the moment of truth, the announcer told the viewing audience that the whole thing was a hoax to focus attention on the lack of donors. Brilliant.

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