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6 June 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 68
Congressman Jefferson Indicted on Corruption Charges -- At last, Washington has produced a political scandal that even the American voter can understand. Congressman William Jefferson (D-LA) is under indictment on 16 alleged violations with prison terms totaling as much as 235 years. It has nothing to do with leaking of information to the press, arguing over what the meaning of “is” is, nor firing bureaucrats for political reasons. Instead, the congressman faces jail because he allegedly “corruptly traded on his good office and on the Congress.” That would explain the $90,000 in marked bills found in his freezer at home.

Judges Toss Guantanamo Charges against Two Jihadis -- Sometimes, it’s hard to determine who the bigger idiots are in the war between western liberal civilization and Fascislam. Earlier this week, some morons on the side of the latter thought they could blow up the fuel supplies at New York’s Kennedy airport, despite certain laws of chemistry that would make it virtually impossible. Now, it turns out that the US Congress can’t write a law that allows for kangaroo courts for Guantanamo prisoners that passes muster with military judges. The legislation allows military tribunals for “unlawful enemy combatants,” but military judges tossed all charges against two prisoners because their status was merely “enemy combatants.” With all the lawyers in Congress, one might have thought they could write a law that the military could follow.

EU Carbon Trading Scheme Failing -- In Monday’s edition, this journal reported on Australian Prime Minister John Howard’s plan to create a carbon emissions trading system in Australia that would be better than those currently in place in Europe. An investigation by the BBC’s Radio 4 suggests that he won’t have to work very hard to achieve that goal. The producers and reporters of the “File on 4” program reported yesterday that after two and half years the scheme has yet to cut in carbon dioxide emissions, but it has increased consumer costs while lining the pockets of electricity generators.

London Unveils Abominable Logo for 2012 Olympics -- The Summer Olympics come to London in 2012, and earlier this week, the organizers unveiled the official logo for those games. Designed by the Wolff Olins firm at a price of £400,000, the logo has rapidly united the entire city and, indeed, the entire nation against the logo. In just a matter of hours, thousands had signed online petitions demanding that it be changed. Unofficial website votes at the BBC, the Guardian and elsewhere ran 90% or so against it. Well, it is pretty awful.

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