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20 June 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 74
Obama and Brownback Apologize -- “I’m sorry” is rapidly becoming a political slogan in many presidential campaigns. In part, some of this is the direct result of a presidency in which no mistakes are ever made, no apologies are ever issued, no one is ever responsible, and no real patriot questions orders. On the other hand, the apology has become a part of a psychological healing process in the American public sphere that proves the nation has lost its nerve. Some things deserve contempt and ridicule, and when one insults, one ought to have the decency to stand by whatever one says.

US Lifts Embargo on West Bank -- With the division of the Palestinian territories more or less complete, the US has decided that the time has come to boost the fortunes of President Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah-led emergency government, which controls the West Bank. On Monday, the Bush administration said it has lifted its financial and diplomatic freeze on Mr. Abbas. The EU stated it would “resume normal relations with the Palestinian Authority immediately.” Meanwhile, Hamastan a/k/a the Gaza Strip remains besieged. Wise men might consider the law of unintended consequences sooner rather than later.

GE Consumer Finance Gives “Intelligent” Japanese Borrowers Discounts -- Colloquial English has an expression “to tax one’s brain” but a Japanese mortgage lender has decided to subsidize them. Or more accurately, GE Consumer Finance has decided to give discounts to mortgage applicants with good English language skills, hold “high-value” jobs like lawyer or doctor, and those with computer skills. The reasoning is simple; these people are less likely to be out of work for extended periods of time, meaning they are less likely to default on their mortgage obligations.

Beckham Gets Spanish Trophy as Parting Gift -- English soccer star David Beckham’s sojourn in Spain has ended. He now packs his bags for Hollywood where he and wife Posh Spice will lead the paparazzi a merry chase. He may also play a little soccer for the LA Galaxy of America’s Major Soccer League. His presence may put a few more bottoms in seats, but based on his career in Spain, he’ll remain better at selling shirts with the number “7” on them than at scoring goals.

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