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23 July 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 88
Feingold Wants Pointless Censure of President -- Nothing makes a politician look quite as silly as picking a fight that is pointless, investing political capital to win it, and then, having to face the fact that nothing has changed. Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI) called for the “censure” of President Bush for his Iraq-Namese policy. Under the American constitution, the Congress may vote on anything it wishes, but censure has no legal standing. If passed, the president would immediately ignore it. This is a pointless exercise to shame a shameless administration.

Turkey’s Islamic Ruling Party Wins Re-Electon -- Turkey has re-elected the Justice and Development Party, known by its Turkish initials AKP, a party with an Islamic pedigree. The election stemmed from a constitutional crisis brought about by opposition parties blocking the election of the AKP candidate for president, one of the first issues to be resolved now. The AKP won 341 of the 550 seats in the new parliament, not quite the 2/3 majority needed to ram through their presidential choice. Either the AKP decides on a compromise candidate, or the constitutional crisis gets revived.

NBA Faces Gambling Crisis -- The National Basketball Association has the worst officiating of any major sport in North America. Indeed, it’s worse there than in many amateur operations. Kobe gets three steps, the home team gets the out-of-bounds call, and technical fouls arrive at odd times to say the least. Until last week, one merely presumed a certain level of incompetence along with a desire to make the game more marketable by letting the stars get away with stuff. Now, it seems at least one referee was deliberately affecting the outcome of games because he had bet on them. This could be the worst thing to happen to pro basketball since the American Basketball Association folded.

Beckham Debuts Briefly as Chelsea Beats Los Angeles -- David Beckham’s debut in America’s MLS was not the great moment in US sports that the cheerleaders of the leauge wanted. He has an ankle injury, and he’s not really ready to play seriously. Nevertheless, he walked onto the field Saturday to play 16 minutes in the LA Galaxy’s friendly against this journal’s long-standing favorite Chelsea FC. The 27,000 fans cheered, he took a free kick, and that was that. And Chelsea, in the middle of its off-season, won 1-0.

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