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27 July 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 90
Murtha Floats Deadline-Free Withdrawal from Iraq-Nam -- Saying that he sees signs of flexibility at the White House, Congressman John Murtha (D-OH) may have the best vision in the country. He has decided that the campaign to find a way out of Iraq-Nam may best be served by a withdrawal start date with no finish date. The ex-Marine plans to offer an amendment to the Defense Spending Bill next week that would require the beginning of a withdrawal 60 days after the Bill is enacted. It is an idea worth pursuing.

PM Brown Offers New UK Security Measures -- Britainís New Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has had a busy couple of weeks, mostly because of the floods in the UK that are worse than anything since the floods of 1947. Nevertheless, he found time to come to the House of Commons on Wednesday and offer members his ideas on improving British security in the face of the on-going al-Qaeda et. al. threat. New Labour remains Old Authoritarian even under new management.

Ford Surprises with $258 Million Quarterly Earnings -- Ford Motor Company appears to have started its turn-around. The Company just filed its second quarter figures, and it had global revenues of $40.1 billion, net income of $750 million (31 cents a share), and earnings from continuing operations of $258 million (or 13 cents per share), excluding special items. The gray cloud surrounding the silver lining, though, is the continued losses in North America, but they are also getting smaller. Fordís recovery, thus far, appears to be driven by the falling value of the US dollar along with its cost-cutting efforts.

The Simpsons Donít Live in Vermont -- ďThe Simpsons MovieĒ opens today, but this isnít a review of the film. For one thing, all the tickets for the week-end are in the sweaty hands of 12-year-olds, and this journal doesnít believe in reviews for films, TV programs or books that one hasnít seen or read. For another, there is an awful fraud being perpetrated on Simpsons fans, and one has a duty to report it like it is (or even better, as it is). The marketing people have decided that the Springfield that Homer, Bart and the rest call home is in Vermont. This is demonstrably a lie.

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