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10 August 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 96
South Carolina GOP Primary Moved up to January 19 -- In an attempt to increase the power of its voters in the presidential primary elections, state after state in America has opted for earlier and earlier polling days. Naturally, the states that have traditionally voted early feel squeezed. Yesterday, the South Carolina Republican Party announced that it was moving its primary date to January 19, 2008, a year and a day before the next president is inaugurated. The move is an attempt to prevent Florida’s new date of January 29 from making the Sunshine State the first southern test of the candidates.

Musharraf Declines to Impose State of Emergency -- Federal Minister for Information Mohammad Ali Durrani told Pakistani television yesterday, “No state of emergency is being imposed in Pakistan. There was pressure on the president to impose emergency due to the situation in the country, but he is committed to furthering democracy and will not take any such step. He was being ill advised by some people. He has decided against declaring the emergency. Elections are the president's priority.” Pakistanis should hold the president of their nation to this.

Johnson & Johnson Sues America Red Cross -- Medical supplies company Johnson & Johnson has made a major public relations error. The company has decided that the American Red Cross is infringing on the red cross J&J uses on its products. Now, there is some legal room for argument that J&J is making, and closer review of the details of the case may well support the company. That said, the American Red Cross is the one organization in the country most Americans will support anytime, anywhere. This case could cost J&J whatever respect the public carries for it.

Yangtze River Dolphin “Likely Extinct” -- The baiji, or Yangtze River dolphin, hasn’t been spotted since 2006 and the last photo of one was taken in 2002. With one-tenth of the world’s population living in the Yangtze River basin, someone should have seen one if there were any to be seen. An international team of researchers spent six-weeks looking for the dolphin. Writing in Britain’s Royal Society Biology Letters, the team reports that the species is “likely extinct.” If so, it is the first global extinction of a megafauna species in 50 years, and quite sad.

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