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27 August 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 103
Alberto Gonzales Resigns as US Attorney General -- The White House has just announced that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is leaving the Justice Department. This can only be good news, as the man just wasn’t up to the job. While the president looks for a replacement, Solicitor General Paul Clement seems to be running the department. There is a rumor that Heimatschutzminister Michael Chertoff will be the next permanent AG, since he’s got fans on Capitol Hill. Whomever the president appoints will have an interesting confirmation process.

DNC Votes to Strip Florida of its Convention Delegates -- The Democratic National Committee has voted to strip the State of Florida of all its convention delegates because the State’s primary is being held on January 29. Party rules state that only New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada and South Carolina can pick delegates earlier than February 5. State law recently moved the primary up, and the Republicans control Florida’s state government.

Acer Buys Gateway for $710 Million -- Taiwanese computer maker Acer has announced it is buying Gateway for about $710 million. This creates the world’s third largest PC manufacturer, and it gives Acer a bigger foothold in America than it has managed to create for itself. With about 10.5% of the US PC market, the merged firm will be less than half the size of Dell and HP, the number one and number two pc makers in the US.

Warner Robins, Georgia, Wins Little League World Series -- The Little League World Series came to an end yesterday with an extra inning game between the US champions from Georgia and the international champs from Tokyo, Japan. The American kids won 3-2 with a walk-off home run in the 8th inning (Little Leaguers play 6 usually). The only thing that distinguishes this from Major League Baseball are the prices. There are no multi-million dollar contracts for 12-year-olds.

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