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7 September 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 108
Fred Thompson Joins GOP Mob for Nomination -- Former senator and sometime actor Fred Thompson of Tennessee was on “The Tonight Show” on Wednesday where he announced to Jay Leno and the studio audience that he was joining the race for the Republican nomination for president. With four months to go before the caucus and primary season begins, some say he left it too late. They are entirely wrong.

Danes and Germans Make Terror Busts -- Earlier this week, Danish authorities arrested 8 people in connection with a terrorist conspiracy. Almost immediately after that, German police took 3 men into custody for the same reason. No connection between the two groups appears to exist. What does unite these cases is good solid police work, reinforcing what this journal has said for years; terrorism is crime for political ends, not a military act. It must be fought accordingly.

Mugabe Decrees No More Price, Wage Increases -- Zimbabwe’s misery continues, and the policies that brought the nation its suffering are getting worse. With inflation running at an estimated 7,600% per year (yes, seven thousand six hundred percent), President Robert Mugabe has decided to stop it by presidential decree. According to the state-run Herald newspaper “No one in private or public sectors can now raise salaries, wages, rents, service charges, prices and school fees.” If this can work, why didn’t His Splendiferousness order this before now?

Pavarotti’s Voice Silenced -- Most people haven’t been to an opera, couldn’t name a single opera and certainly don’t spend anytime listening to it. Yet, if asked to name an opera singer, the name Luciano Pavarotti comes easily to their lips. Yesterday, his manager, Terri Robson, issued a statement that read, “The great tenor, Luciano Pavarotti, died today at 5:00 a.m. at his home in Modena, the city of his birth.”

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