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10 September 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 109
Senator Craigís Arrest was Unconstitutional -- When Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) was busted in a menís room at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport for disorderly conduct, the panic among Republicans was surpassed only by the schadenfreude of Democrats. A homophobic social reactionary was outed as a casual cruiser of other men. Senator Craig said at first heíd resign, then it seems he has changed his mind, thinking he can keep his seat if he can get his guilty plea tossed out. He should still resign because as a political force he has become a joke, but he should fight tooth and nail to get the plea overturned. After all, his arrest was unconstitutional, and this journal believes that matters more than anything else in this sorry case.

Ex-PM Sharif Returns to Pakistan, Gets Deported -- Nawaz Sharif' used to be prime minister of Pakistan. Then, a general named Pervez Musharraf mounted a coup, and Mr. Sharif left for exile in London. He tried to return to Pakistan, in accordance with a ruling by that nationís Supreme Court permitting him to come home. This morning, his plane touched down in Lahore, he was arrested, and he found himself on a plane to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. One scarcely knows where to begin in describing the mess that Pakistan is becoming.

Japanís Economy Contracts 1.2% Annualized -- The Bank of Japan disappointed already glum markets in announcing domestic product data earlier today showing an annualized contraction of 1.2%. Hopes had been for an annual contraction rate of 0.7%. In either case, the Japanese economyís healthy growth under Prime Minister Koizumi has given way to economic decline under Shinzo Abe. However, the problem is not who leads, but it is structural to the Japanese economy.

Israeli Authorities Arrest Homegrown Nazis -- Israeli authorities arrested half a dozen young men over the week-end for beating people up and damaging property. This kind of thing happens in every country in the world and is hardly noteworthy. What makes this case different is the ideology of the accused. These clowns are proud enough of being Nazis that they have tattooed swastikas on themselves, idiots who would have been turned to ash at Auschwitz if Hitler had won.

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