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12 September 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 110
World Trade Center Cough Still Killing -- This journal reported on the death of James Zadroga, one of the policemen who did his job so bravely that morning 6 years ago. A victim of World Trade Center Cough, Detective Zadrogaís name has been added to a bill to compensate those who didnít die in the first minutes or hours but who are sick from the air they breathed that day and in the days that followed.

General Petraeus, Ambassador Crocker Buy More Time for Iraq-Nam War -- Achieving objectives by deploying resources and engaging in action is not a bad definition of strategic success. Monday and yesterday, General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker testified before Congress that the Iraq-Nam war was going well enough to justify continuing the operation. Since not enough of the legislators seem willing to argue the point, the men have secured a strategic success. President Bush will be allowed to keep American troops in Iraq-Nam fighting for a pro-Iranian government until the end of his term.

Chinaís Inflation Hits New 10-Year High -- The Peopleís Republic of China is a communist dictatorship that has learned that the market is better at rationing goods than a commissar is. Yet, that doesnít mean itís trouble-free. Inflation in the PRC has hit 6.5% in the year to August according to the National Bureau of Statistics. This is its second 10-year high in two months, and the central bank has raised interest rates four times this year to little avail.

EU Surrenders to Britain over Measuring System -- The European Union has run up the white flag in its attempt to force Britons to buy their milk by the half-liter, their Sunday roast by the kilogram and their fabric by the square-meter. In 2000, it became illegal to use only pounds and ounces, but the UK was given a date to phase out the imperial system. While the system is largely unworkable and confusing, being told by Brussels to get rid of it didnít sit well with a large swathe of the British public.

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