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17 September 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 112
Former Federal Judge Mukasey Appointed New Attorney General -- President Bush has selected Michael B. Mukasey, a former federal judge with experience in trying terrorism cases, to be the next Attorney General. The Senate appears content enough with the nomination to allow a confirmation vote to go ahead. This appointment is setting the tone for the final year of the Bush administration. Thereís no stomach for a real fight, and the primary task is not about ideology anyway.

Lugovoi Runs for Parliament and Immunity -- Andrei Lugovoi is a former member of the KGB (to the extent that anyone can be a ďformerĒ member of that body), and he stands accused by British authorities of poisoning Alexander Litvinenko, a Russian spy turned dissident and exiled to London, with Polonium 210. Under the Russian constitution, he cannot be extradited but can face trial in Russia. The Kremlin is about to make sure that canít happen either. Heís running for parliament, members of which are immune from prosecution.

Northern Rock Bank Faces Run on Deposits -- Northern Rock is a bank in Britain. It hasnít been making ridiculously risky loans, and it isnít operating a trading division that owns a lot of complicated derivatives. Still in the last few days, people have been lined up before dawn to withdraw their savings, and the price of the bankís stock is a fraction of what it was a week ago. The ripples from Americaís subprime mortgage mess have reached across the pond.

Ebola is Leading Cause of Gorilla Deaths -- Last week, the World Conservation Union [known by its French Acronym IUCN] put out the 2007 Red List of Threatened Species. It made for depressing reading. However, there was one spot where the news, while depressing nevertheless, was also surprising. It seems that the decline in the number of great apes, mankindís closest relatives, is only partially the fault of human beings. The biggest killer of these animals is the Ebola virus.

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