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8 October 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 121
Larry Craig Refuses to Quit Senate -- Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) is refusing to resign his seat after weeks of public embarrassment. Last month, the media found out that he had pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct related to soliciting sex in a public bathroom at the airport in Minneapolis. A social reactionary, he claimed not to be a homosexual and vowed to resign if he couldn’t get the case thrown out by the end of September. Now, he has decided to stay in office despite a judge’s decision upholding his conviction. Hypocrisy isn’t really grounds enough for his resignation, and a misdemeanor conviction really isn’t either. But he has broken his word to the people of Idaho and America, and for that, he should be expelled from the Senate.

Green Zone Officials Say Iraq-Namese Reconciliation Unattainable -- The cornerstone of President Bush’s policy in Mesopotamia has been to have the US military secure the country to allow the Green Zone government to settle the political situation so that rebuilding can occur. This week-end, several Iraq-Namese leaders said the political situation wasn’t going to get settled. That being the case, there is no reason to keep spending American money and wasting American lives. The US policy goal is not achievable.

E. Coli Kills Topps, USDA Caught Flatfooted -- Topps Meat Company, LLC, of Elizabeth, NJ, went out of business after the recall of 21.7 million pounds of beef linked to 30 cases of E. coli-related illness. “In one week we have gone from the largest US manufacturer of frozen hamburgers to a company that cannot overcome the economic reality of a recall this large,” Anthony D’Urso, chief operating officer, said in a statement issued on Friday. No one died from eating the tainted meat, but it has killed Topps.

Ig-Nobel Prizes Announced for 2007 -- Last Thursday, Harvard’s Sanders Theater hosted the 2007 Ig-Nobel Prizes awarded by the Annals of Improbable Research. The prize in medicine went to Dr Brian Witcombe and Dan Meyer for “Sword Swallowing and its Side Effects.” Glenda Browne won for Literature for her study on the problems the word “the” causes when alphabetizing [Editor’s note: it’s very simple: if it’s the first word, ignore it. If not, it’s treated like a regular word]. And of course, there was an award for the woman who figured out how to extract vanilla flavoring from cow dung.

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