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22 October 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 127
Bobby Jindal Wins Louisianaís Governor Race -- The Republican Party finally got some good news over the week-end. Congressman Bobby Jindal (R-LA) won the Louisiana gubernatorial primary with more than half the vote. That means thereís no run-off in November, and heís officially Governor-elect at age 36.

Poles Throw out Prime Minister Kaczynski -- Poland voted yesterday to get rid of the Law and Justice Party of Jaroslaw Kaczynski. His twin brother Lech remains as president until 2010 when his term expires. The new PM is Donald Tusk, whose Civic Platform is on course for around 208 of the 460 seats in the Sejm. The Polish Peasantsí Party should pick up three dozen or so and form a coalition with Mr. Tusk. Poland will be a little less polarized as a result.

Bear Stearns Teams up with Chinaís CITIC -- Bear Stearns has joined hands with Chinaís CITIC. The two are going to buy about $1 billion of one anotherís convertible debt, and upon conversion, CITIC will own about 6% of Bear while Bear will own about 2% of CITIC. Some are disappointed that Bear didnít get a big equity investor, but CITIC does provide Bear with access to China, where it hasnít had much of a presence until now. The deal still has to get done, though.

Colbert Runs for President -- Stephen Colbert is running for president and has thrown his hat into the ring in South Carolina. Heís running both as a Democrat and a Republican. His ambition is not to be president but rather to run for president. Itís troubling when a comedian gets involved in politics as a joke, and the media canít help but treat him seriously.

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