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19 November 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 138
Anti-Romney Push Poll Shows Campaign's Ugly Side -- This journal holds no brief for the current crop of Republican candidates for president of the US. They are, except for Ron Paul, determined to continue with a failed foreign policy, a failed domestic agenda, and an impossibly irresponsible fiscal attitude. Mr. Paul, as a former nominee of the Libertarian Party, carries a belief that government can do no right, so he is a dubious candidate to lead the government. However, a recent set of phone calls illustrates that bigotry still plays a role instead of debating the issues. It appears a host of push-poll calls have been made against Governor Mitt Romney, playing against his Mormon faith.

US Pressure on Musharraf is Counterproductive -- US diplomat John Negroponte visited Pakistan over the week-end. His mission was to convince General President Pervez Musharraf to end the State of Emergency in that country and to ensure that free and fair elections go forward. Judging from the events in Pakistan in the last several hours, it is clear that Ambassador Negroponte's mission was a failure. Of course, it was clearly a doomed effort before he left Washington.

Helium Shortage Mirrors Oil Market -- The entire world is aware of the fact that crude oil is scarcer than it used to be. There is another commodity that has seen its price soar as demand has risen, and increasing supply isn't readily possible. Despite being the second most abundant element in the entire universe, there is a helium shortage on planet Earth that can't keep up with increasing demand from scientists involved in superconductor research, medical practitioners, manufacturers of flat-panel TVs and party planners who fill balloons with the stuff. The response of producers and consumers mirrors those in the oil market.

Scotland Loses 2-1 to Italy in Euro 2008 Qualifier -- While the Houston Dynamo beat New England for the MLS Cup in a game lacking much finesse, Scotland went down to Italy by the same score in the Euro 2008 qualifier in what can only be described as a heart-breaker of a loss. At the same time, FIFA's ranking of little Scotland as the 13th best side on Earth looks even more credible, and the entire Tartan Army is focused now on World Cup 2010. A wounded animal is often the most dangerous.

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