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21 November 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 139
Former Aide Says Bush is Complicit in Plame Affair -- Scott McClellan used to be the White House Press Secretary. As such, he was an insider to a great many decisions of the Bush administration. Like a lot of ex-big shots in Washington, he has a book coming out, his pension scheme. In his, though, he states that the President himself is guilty of a felony, and one wonders just how much longer Congress and the American people are prepared to look the other way.

UK Taxman Loses ID Data -- The New Labour Government of Gordon Brown has lost the personal and financial data of no fewer than 25 million Britons. For those with a statistical bent, that is close to half the nation, and is easily a majority of adults. Paul Gray, Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs Chairman, has resigned over the matter. While this journal applauds his decency and sense of honor, there is no end to the trouble this will cause average Britons.

Chinese Win Afghan Mining Deal -- If the Bush administration thought that sending troops to Afghanistan would help it secure rights to that nation's resources, it was sadly disabused of the idea earlier this week. China Metallurgical Group, a state-owned company, will spend $2.89 billion in the biggest foreign investment in the history of Afghanistan to develop the Aynak copper concession. US and NATO troops will now defend the communist Chinese mine.

Elizabeth and Philip Celebrate 60 Years of Marriage -- This journal isn't going soft on the British monarchy. The best thing that could happen to the people of the British Isles is to awake tomorrow as citizens of the Federal Republic of Britain. However, two individuals named Elizabeth and Philip have passed a personal milestone worthy of note. It isn't every day that one celebrates 60 years of marriage.

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