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26 November 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 141
Lott to Quit Senate before New Year’s Day -- This journal bears little love for Mississippi’s Republican Senator Trent Lott. He typifies just about everything wrong with the southern evangelical wing of the GOP. He is, however, capable of finding compromises that result in things getting done in Washington, a rare talent these days. His decision to retire from the Senate before the year is out creates a mess for the Republican Party that it, and the country, could do without.

Aussies Dump Howard for Rudd -- After more than 11 years in office, the Liberal-National (center-right) coalition of John Howard was thrown out of office by an Australian electorate that seemed to want a new face more than anything else. As a result, the new Prime Minister is Kevin Rudd, who brings with him some new policies especially in foreign affairs.

Black Friday Traffic Up, Sales Off, or Maybe Not -- Black Friday has become a ritual of post-Thanksgiving America. For reasons known only to those so addicted, some folks go to the stores the day after the turkey feast at 4 am or so to save some money on Christmas stuff. The day gets its name from the fact that many retailers go into profit for the year on that day, “in the black.” This year, one report says that there were more people out and about but spending less than last year. Others disagree.

Albert, Texas, Sold to Italian Bidder -- Over the week-end the town of Albert, Texas, was sold to a bidder from Italy. This isn’t the first time that a town has been sold on eBay. Bridgeville, California, gets that honor. While there are no contractual obligations really, the one-house town on 13 acres has been “sold” for $3.8 million. One wonders if it was included in the Black Friday sales figures.

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