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7 December 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 146
Romneyís Faith Speech Fudges God and Politics -- As tightrope walks go, Mitt Romneyís speech in Texas yesterday on faith and politics was a fairly well executed performance. On the one hand, he had to be non-sectarian to avoid offending the majority of Americans who care not a bit about a politicianís religious belief. On the other, he had to assuage the suspicions of the radical religious right, who hold that the Mormon Church isnít even Christian. At best, he achieved a partial success but likely, he changed very few minds.

Pakistanís Opposition States its Demands -- President Pervez Musharraf may be out of the army now, but the main opposition leaders arenít satisfied with swapping a military dictator for a civilian one. They have been meeting this week to find a common set of pre-conditions that he must meet before they will consent to participating in the parliamentary elections set for January 8. This is the open round in what is likely to be a long series of talks.

Bush Offers Subprime Help -- The first and most important thing to note about the subprime mortgage relief plan President Bush announced yesterday is that it is entirely voluntary. There is no force of law behind it. The mortgage lenders have largely agreed because doing nothing is even worse. The president is keeping his free-market principles intact, and as a result, the plan will be less effective than it otherwise might be. Nevertheless, action of some sort will cheer the markets.

Scots Students Sing Protest Carols -- Christmas carols are part of life in December in most of the Christian world. Wearing Santa hats, students from Edinburgh University Studentsí Association gathered Wednesday night to sing outside Holyrood, where the Scottish Assembly does it work. Given that the budget offered by First Minister Alex Salmond offered £30 million rather than the £168 million the university principals wanted to stay even with Englandís universities, no one should have been surprised that the students took a few liberties with the lyrics.

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