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10 December 2007

Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 147
CIA Tape Destruction Looks Like Obstruction of Justice -- CIA Director Michael Hayden has defended the destruction of videotapes that show the interrogations of two alleged terrorists saying that it was done to protect the identities of the interrogators. He earlier said that the tapes were made to add a further layer of legal protection for the interrogators who were using “enhanced” techniques. Either the tapes were to protect the CIA men or they posed a danger to them. Mr. Hayden can’t have it both ways. This whole episode is starting to look like obstruction of justice.

Putin Picks Medvedev to Succeed Him -- Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his support for Dmitry Medvedev to be his successor. At a meeting of his United Russia Party and three supportive political parties, Mr. Putin said he “completely and fully” backed the proposal by the four parties to nominate Mr. Medvedev, who is one of the first deputy prime ministers and chairman of the gas export monopoly Gazprom. He couldn’t have picked a safer pair of hands for himself.

TSX Group to Buy Montreal Exchange -- TSX Group, which owns the Toronto Stock Exchange, is buying the Montreal Exchange for about C$1.3 billion. The merged entity will be known as TMX Group. “Today, we are building a made-in-Canada exchange,” said Richard Nesbitt, chief executive officer of the TSX Group Inc. The deal makes both stronger.

Chimps Beat Humans at Memory Games -- The game show asks “Are you smarter than a fifth grader?” It might be better to ask, “can you remember better than a chimp?” The odds are the chimp has a better memory, and a recent study from Japan has proved it.

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