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17 December 2007


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Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 150
"Democrat" Lieberman Endorses Republican John McCain -- Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT) gave the floundering presidential campaign of John McCain (R-AZ) a shot in the arm earlier today, when he endorsed his fellow senator. The man from Connecticut said, “Let's put the United States first again, and John McCain is the man as president who will help us do that.” Bipartisanship is worthy, and even welcome, but on foreign policy, Mr. Lieberman is a Republican under a false flag.

UK Returns Basra to Iraq-Namese Control -- British troops turned control of Basra province over to the Iraq-Namese yesterday. This is the 9th of 18 provinces to be given back. Major General Graham Binns said, “I came to rid Basra of its enemies and I now formally hand Basra back to its friends.” If only one could be sure.

World Agrees to Discuss Climate Treaty -- The Kyoto Treaty took five years to negotiate, and the US still refuses to ratify it. Last week, in Bali, Indonesia, 190 nations including the US agreed to start talks on a new arrangement. The “Bali Roadmap” sounds like a Bing Crosby and Bob Hope film, but it is, in fact, another attempt to halt the climate change industrialization is causing. The idea is to have a treaty in place by 2009 that won’t damage the world economy while saving the global environment.

Few Takers for Electronic Headstones -- Vidstone LLC, with offices in Florida and Colorado, has developed a new kind of tombstone. Rather than just a granite or marble chunk with a few words carved into it, the “serenity panel” can show photos, music, and even video in addition to a few well-chosen words, powering the screen with solar energy. The trouble, from Vidstone’s view, is that they aren’t selling. Some times traditions die hard

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