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24 December 2007


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Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 153
Obama Denies Muslim Rumor -- The general stupidity of the America electorate was on display over the week-end in Iowa when Becky Michael, 58, of Pleasantville, Iowa, asked Senator Obama (D –IL) at a coffee house stop Saturday to explain his "Muslim background.” After the exchange, in which the senator assured the idiot that he was a Christian, she told New York’s Daily News, "It's not so important that he is a Christian, although I'm very thankful he is. But it's very important that he's not a Muslim.” Frankly, this journal is more interested in policy, what an elected official will do, than why he or she does it.

Uzbekistan Votes for Karimov, or Else -- Islam Karimov won a new term in office with 88.1% of the votes over the week-end. He faced three opposition candidates in the race, all of whom supported him. The Commonwealth of Independent States (the wreckage of the USSR), said through spokesman Sergei Lebedev, the election “proceeded in line with the country's election legislation and universally recognized norms for holding democratic elections. It was a major factor in further democratization of social life in Uzbekistan.” Bullshit.

US SIV Superfund Idea Collapses -- The US Treasury’s attempt to create a $75 billion superfund to support liquidity in the market for housing-related securities died a quiet death on Friday. It turns out that few financial institutions were interested in it. Peter Crane, of Crane Data, told Reuters: “It is akin to not having to use your insurance policy – the reasons for the fund have gone away.”

Dead Marine’s Family Gets His GI Dog -- In a decent world, Dustin Lee would be another 20 year-old kid from the South trying to figure out what to do with his life and trying to find the love of his life to do it with. Sadly, on March 21 in Anbar Province he was killed in a rocket attack, and the dog he handled, Lex, was wounded. Lex had another two years to go before he could retire, but the Marine Corps decided to let the highly trained dog live with Corporal Lee’s family instead. Semper Fidelis is motto every dog in the world, and the US Marines got it from them.

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