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28 December 2007


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Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 155
Bhutto Whacked, Pakistan in Chaos -- Former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto, was murdered yesterday after a political rally in the garrison city of Rawalpindi, about 10 miles from Islamabad. As this stand now, it appears a man shot her at least three times from close range before blowing himself up, killing around another 20. Along with her, he may well have killed off any hope for stability in Pakistan for years. And the world will never know exactly who did it.

Senate Holds Pro Forma Sessions -- On Wednesday, Virginiaís Senator Jim Webb, a Democrat, marched into the Senate chamber. He banged the gavel to open the session for the day. Eleven seconds later, according to CNN, he closed the session. He wasnít on the floor for even a full minute. Heíll do the same thing today. Itís a silly ritual, but it will prevent President Bush from making any recess appointments.

Amazon Has Best Year Ever -- For the retail business, this wasnít the Christmas season many wanted. The International Council of Shopping Centers said its index of chain-store sales rose 2.8% last week, below the ICSCís expectations. Targetís same store sales are also below expectations, and they may even be in negative territory. Meanwhile, Amazon is staring at its best year ever.

UN Calls on Spider-man -- The United Nations knows it has an image problem in the US. To solve that problem, it has made a deal with Marvel Comics to produce a new comic showing the UN working with Marvelís stable of superhero characters in solving world problems. It will be given away to 1 million American kids. Many will probably wait for the movie and videogame versions (which arenít planned, yet).

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