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31 December 2007


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Latest Commentary: Volume VI, Number 156
Bush Uses Pocket Veto on Defense Spending Bill -- President Bush has used something called the “pocket veto” to kill the defense appropriations bill that Congress passed. He objected to a provision in the legislation that would allow freezing of Iraq-Namese assets while American citizens sued for damages in compensation for harm committed by the regime of Saddam Hussein. Mr. Bush is entirely in the right on this one.

A Way Forward for Pakistan -- Things in Pakistan can't get a lot worse without a total collapse of government and civil society. However, such a collapse is dangerously close following the murder of Benazir Bhutto. There is a way out, a way forward even, if President Musharraf and the leaders of the moderate, secular opposition can put the good of the country ahead of all else.

China to Tax Food Exports -- The People's Republic of China is an improvement over every previous Chinese regime in that there are no people in the PRC dying of hunger. At least, that's what the official statistics say. At the same time, food prices are soaring as a result of declining supply thanks to exports. To address this, the communists in Beijing are imposing export taxes on food.

Predictions for 2007 Just Top 50-50 -- A year ago, this journal made some predictions about the events of 2007. The crystal ball was rather cloudy it seems. Six out of 11 is nothing to be pleased about, but then, being right about no nation attacking Iran is worth being wrong on all the others.

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