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7 January 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 3
Romney Triumphs in Wyoming Caucus -- If one looks only at the mainstream media, one no doubt missed the big political news of the week-end. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts has won most of Wyomingís national convention delegates selected in the caucuses held in the Equality State. He took 8 of the delegates with 50% of the vote. As of right now, Mr. Romney has more convention delegates than any other GOP candidate, yet the media speak as if he loses New Hampshire, heís doomed.

Georgians Re-Elect President Saakashvili -- The people of the former Soviet republic of Georgia have re-elected their president, Mikhail Saakashvili, with about 52.8% of the vote. This simple majority is sufficient to avoid a run-off. The international observers noted a few violations of electoral proprietary but have blessed the result. All the same, the opposition claims the election was rigged, and they will make the next month or so interesting in the worst sense of the word.

US Unemployment Hits 5% -- The year 2008 didnít open very well for the American economy. The US Labor Department reported that the country produced only 18,000 new jobs in December and that hiring in the private sector contracted by 13,000. The unemployment rate has bumped up to 5%. Thatís the highest itís been in two years and is getting close to October 2001 levels, when the country was reeling from the Al Qaeda murders. What lies ahead wonít be a recession, but itís going to feel like one.

Teens Protest South African Kissing Ban -- The Republic of South Africa has more than a few problems. The newly elected leader of the African National Congress and front-runner to become the next president is under a cloud of corruption charges. AIDS is crippling whole neighborhoods across the country. Poverty among blacks hasnít abated much since the end of apartheid. And Zimbabwe to the north hasnít been addressed at all. Yet, the government has found time to pass a law forbidding romantic contact among those under 16 years of age. The kids have responded by publicly hugging and kissing even platonic friends.

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