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16 January 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 7
Romney Wins Michigan Primary -- Former Governor George Romney’s boy Mitt won the Michigan Primary yesterday, folks there voting for a guy who grew up in the Wolverine State. With 39% of the vote, he expanded his lead in delegates, which the media still hasn’t explained is the only thing that matters. John McCain finished second with 30%, and the GOP race remains wide open.

UK Considers Opt-Out for Organ Donation -- In celebrating the 60th anniversary of Britain’s National Health Service, Prime Minister Gordon Brown wrote a piece for the Sunday Telegraph in which he called for a change in the way organ donation is done in his country. He suggested, rather mildly, that the UK adopt a system whereby a person must “opt-out” of being an organ donor. While the topic is rather ghoulish, the opt-out policy is the only way for a civilized society to be truly pro-life.

Detroit Wraps New Cars in Stars and Stripes -- The Detroit Auto Show runs this week, and the Big Three American car makers are showing off their wares. The pickup trucks that have done so well in the past are seeing sales slack off. Pickup sales were off 6% in 2007, while overall US car sales were down just 3%. To entice more people who don’t need them to buy trucks, Detroit is not just putting bells and whistles on their vehicles, they are wrapping them up in patriotic marketing scams.

Writers’ Strike Improves Golden Globes Ceremony -- The Golden Globes, awarded by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, had to make do without members of the Writers’ Guild of America and without members of the Screen Actors Guild which is honoring the writers’ picket line. The result was a press conference ceremony that was over in minutes, no red carpet and no musical number celebrating the egos of Hollywood. It was quite an improvement.

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