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23 January 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 10
Thompson Quits Presidential Bid -- Actor and former US Senator Fred Thompson (R-TN) withdrew from the presidential race yesterday. Bill Bennett, arch conservative commentator for CNN, said, "He's really been good lately, but it's too late. If you're a Southern conservative and you can't make it in South Carolina, it's over." More than that, Mr. Thompson never really looked like he wanted the job of president.

Broader UN Sanctions against Iran Agreed -- The members of the UN Security Council and Germany announced yesterday that they have come up with more ways to pressure Iran to give up its nuclear ambitions. The full text will reach the formal meeting of the UN in the coming weeks. Iran, not surprisingly has already rejected it.

Fed Slashes US Interest Rates -- Yesterday, the US Federal Reserve surprised just about everyone with an announcement of a 0.75% cut in US interest rates. Markets in Asia and Europe had just had two terrible days of trading, and the Fed worried that the contagion would spread when the US market opened after a three-day week-end. The cut was the biggest since 1990, and it had the desired effect. The Dow Jones opened, plummeted almost 450 points and recovered 300 of those points. The trouble is that this wont really fix things.

Scotland Wants US to Lift Haggis Ban -- As world trade disputes go, the American ban on Scottish haggis is not very important. But as the world prepares to celebrate Burns night on Friday, one should pause for thought. The UKs problem with mad cow disease, which is linked to the human brain illness Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, is the pretext for the ban. Surely, though, there are ways around it.

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