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1 February 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 14
US Military Suicides Hit Record Levels -- Dana Priest of the Washington Post, along with Anne Hull, had a story in yesterday’s edition that makes depressing reading regardless of what position one takes on the war in Iraq-Nam. She got hold of a “draft internal study” on suicides among active-duty soldiers, figures for which the Pentagon has kept since 1980. In 2007, 121 soldiers killed themselves, up 20% from 2006 and the kind of record no one wanted set.

Commission Says Israel’s Lebanon War a “Failure” -- In the Second Lebanon War, Hezbollah fighters held off the Israeli Defense Forces for over a month in the summer of 2006. In the aftermath of that conflict, the Israeli government turned to retired judge Eliyahu Winograd and four other luminaries to dissect the events of that month. Their final report issued on Wednesday says the nation lost an opportunity and in general failed in its objectives.

Fed Cuts US Interest Rates Another 50 BP -- It’s hard to believe that just a week and a half ago, American interest rates were 1.25% higher. In that time, the Federal Reserve has cut rates twice. First, the Fed slashed rates on January 22 by 0.75% in a surprise move to shore up sinking stock markets around the world. Then on Wednesday, it cut them again by 50 basis points (that’s a half a percent) at its regularly scheduled meeting. The Fed seems to be more worried about stagnation than inflation and rightly so.

Can’t America Catch a Satellite? -- This journal has long maintained that the US space shuttle and manned exploration in space under current technology are both pretty pointless. It appears that the shuttle exists to build the International Space Station where no science of any importance is done, and the construction is so far behind schedule that it may not be completed by the time the ISS is crashed into the ocean. However, there is a spy satellite out of control that will fall out of orbit in February. Couldn’t the shuttle be used to pluck it out of the sky?

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