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4 February 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 15
Romney Wins Maine Caucuses -- Mitt Romney carried the state of Maine over the week-end. Like the Wyoming Caucuses before, he won’t get much credit in the media for it, and all eyes are on the states voting tomorrow, so-called “Super Tuesday.” Still, the governor does deserve some credit for winning big despite the efforts by the media and the GOP to crown Senator McCain.

Serbia Re-Elects President Tadic -- Pro-western Boris Tadic won re-election as Serbia’s president with a 51% majority over the week-end. He defeated Tomislav Nikolic, a nationalist with a more pro-Russian attitude. The victory for Mr. Tadic brings Serbia closer to EU membership.

Microsoft Offers $44.6 Billion for Yahoo! -- Microsoft made a bid to buy Yahoo! for $44.6 billion on Friday. The price is $31 a share, representing a 60% premium over the market’s valuation of Yahoo and its pointless exclamation mark. The regulatory agencies in Europe and America are all over this as it reduces the internet search business to a duopoly, with Google retaining the majority of the action.

Miles Kington, Jazzman and Humorist, Passes On -- If Mark Twain and Herbie Hancock lived in a single body and had been educated at Oxford, the result might well have been Miles Kington. Mr. Kington was a columnist for Britain’s The Independent for two decades (“Moreover” by name), a jazz critic for The Times when he was 26, a contributor to Punch, and a member of cabaret quartet Instant Sunshine. He is best remembered here for his “Let’s Parler Franglais” trilogy of books, a witty look at the mingling of two of Europe’s more xenophobic languages. Sadly, il est mort en le Wednesday de last week at 66.

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