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8 February 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 17
Romney Suspends Presidential Campaign -- Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts isn’t going to be the first Mormon president, at least, not this election. Yesterday like the businessman he is, he looked at the costs and the benefits of continuing his presidential bid and realized that fact. Rather than throw good money after bad, he has suspended his presidential campaign. John McCain is almost assured the Republican nomination.

Hillary Loans Campaign $5 Million, Staffers Take No Pay -- Senator Hillary Clinton fought Senator Barack Obama to a draw on Super Tuesday, but since the polls closed, the world has learned that she fought him with her own personal fortune. Expensive TV spots in places like New York and California required her to pony up $5 million from her personal coffers. In addition, some senior staffers have agreed to forego paychecks for the next month. Apparently, her campaign is in some serious trouble.

Al Sadr Orders Mahdi Army Ceasefire to Continue -- Back on August 29, in response to the increasing American troop deployments, Shi’ite leader Hojatoleslam Moqtada al-Sadr ordered his Madhi Army to observe a six-month ceasefire in Iraq-Nam. It was a brilliant strategic maneuver in that it allowed him to pose as a peacemaker, prevented the Americans from destroying his forces en masse, and yet it ensured that any Madhi leader who disobeyed was purged by the occupiers and not al Sadr. Yesterday, he announced that the ceasefire will extend for an indeterminate amount of time.

New York Wine Shop Accepts Euros -- The euro is the official currency of numerous European countries, and it is widely accepted outside the euro-zone. Recently, that has come to include East Village Wines located at 138 First Avenue in Manhattan. The reason is simple; so many tourist show up in New York with strong euros in their pockets that it makes sense to accept the notes.

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