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11 February 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 18
Obama Claims Four More States and US Virgin Islands -- Illinois Senator Barrack Obama won five more contests against New York’s Hillary Clinton over the week-end. On Saturday, he won in the states of Louisiana, Nebraska and Washington as well as the territory of the US Virgin Islands. Yesterday, he added Maine to his victory list. Meanwhile, Mrs. Clinton has replaced her campaign manager.

Polls Suggest Musharraf Could Lose Pakistani Elections -- A poll released earlier today in Pakistan suggests that President Musharraf’s crowd could lose next Monday’s parliamentary elections, and lose badly. Not only are voters there annoyed with his heavy-handed behavior, they are more than a bit upset about rising inflation, electrical shortages and increased violence. If the election were clean (and it won’t be), there is a chance the two opposition parties could form a “coalition of revenge” and impeach Mr. Musharraf.

Yahoo Board Rejects Microsoft’s Offer -- Yahoo’s board of directors has formally rejected the Microsoft buy-out offer of $45 billion. Some think that the board wants a higher price. That may be. However, it would probably require a rival bidder to get Bill Gates’ guys to cough up any more. The offer is already at a 60+% premium to what the market says is a fair value.

Hancock Wins Grammy for Album of the Year -- The Grammy Awards last night were the usual self-absorbed nonsense from the red carpet to the final credit. However, there were a few worthwhile bits. Amy Winehouse got all the praise she deserves, Vince Gill got a Grammy handed to him by a Beatle, and Herbie Hancock won album of the year for “River: The Joni Letters,” his Joni Mitchell interpretations. It was only the second jazz album ever so honored.

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