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27 February 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 25
Dodd Endorses Obama -- Senator Chris Dodd (R-CT) pulled out of the race for the White House right after a dreadful showing in the Iowa caucuses. His main appeal to the voters, such as it was, came in the field of foreign policy; heís chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and has been a member of that committee for about 25 years. Yesterday, he endorsed Barack Obama.

Clintonís Foreign Policy Speech Ignores Major Issues -- Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton made what her inner circle called a major foreign policy speech at George Washington University on Monday. She insists that Senator Barrack Obama is an international affairs lightweight at a time America cannot afford such as a leader. Yet, even a cursory review of her speech suggests that she herself really ought to spend some time reading something other than focus group results.

Visa Plans $19 Billion IPO -- With the US economy floating near the edge of recession, IPOs are not the rage on Wall Street. Yet, credit card company VISA is going ahead with a record $19 billion deal for about half its stock. The question is whether that is a good deal in this market or whether waiting for a stronger market would be even bigger.

Study Suggests Anti-Depressants Donít Work -- Researchers at the University of Hull in the UK have made a startling discovery. Using a meta-analysis of all 47 clinical trials submitted to the FDA, published and unpublished, they found that serotonin reuptake inhibitors (which include Prozac and Zoloft) have the same effect on a depressed patient as a placebo. Only in the most extreme cases were they measurably better.

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