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29 February 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 26
Virtual Fence Fails Border Test -- The Bush administration and a great many Americans had been counting on a “virtual fence” along America’s border with Mexico to dramatically reduce illegal immigration into the US. Those hopes were dashed yesterday when the Heimatschutzministerium’s spokesman Gregory L. Giddens announced, “we . . . have delayed our deployment as we work through the issues on Project 28 [the test segment of the fence]. While there is clear urgency of the mission, we also want to make sure we do this right.” Boeing’s effort appears to have been a complete failure.

Kenyan Rivals Make a Deal -- About 1,500 people have died in Kenya in post-election violence over the last two months. It appears there won’t be very many more, perhaps even no more, now that the two rival politicians have signed a power-sharing agreement. Kenya may never get back its reputation as an island of stability in the region, but it might be able to move forward without sliding into the kind of civil strife that many of its neighbors suffer.

EU Hits Microsoft with €899 Million Fine -- The European Commission on Wednesday announced that it was fining Microsoft €899 million (about US$1.4 billion as the dollar keeps sliding) for violating an anti-trust order issued in 2004. It brings the software giant’s total amounts paid in fines to $2.4 billion. To Microsoft, it’s just a cost of doing business.

William F. Buckley Exits Stage Right -- America is, by and large, a nation hostile to the very idea of an intelligentsia. Public thinkers are just not considered important. However, William F. Buckley, Jr. was an exceedingly important man in the intellectual and political life of America in the second half of the twentieth century. His death earlier this week marked the end of an era.

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