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5 March 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 28
McCain Secures GOP Presidential Nomination -- Although everyone, except himself, counted him out just a few short months ago, Senator John McCain of Arizona has secured enough delegates to win the Republican nomination for president last night. Needing 1,191 delegates, his wins in Ohio, Vermont, Texas and Rhode Island gave him 1,195. He can now focus on the general election.

Clinton Takes 3 of 4 States -- Senator Hillary Clinton of New York halted Senator Barack Obama's march to the Democratic nomination last night with victories in Rhode Island, Texas and Ohio. This may stop his momentum, and it certainly is a morale boost to her boosters. Had she lost either of the big states, the pressure to quit would have been intense. However, she is still mathematically doomed to finish second. Oddly, that doesn't necessarily mean she's going to lose.

Oil Hits Inflation-Adjusted Record Price -- Oil touched $103.95 a barrel in New York earlier this week, and adjusted for inflation, that represents the highest price ever paid for 31 US gallons of crude. Before that, the April 1980 price of $38 a barrel, during the Iranian Hostage Crisis, was the highest. The reason, though, has less to do with political instability and more to do with a weak dollar.

Gary Gygax, Dungeons & Dragons’ Co-Creator, Dies at 69 -- Before there was an Internet and even before there were personal computers, there were role-playing games [RPG]. The most popular, but by no means the only one, was “Dungeons & Dragons.” Published in 1974, “D&D” quickly became a part of adolescence in a great many basements. Co-Creator Gary Gygax failed to make his final saving throw and passed on yesterday at the age of 69.

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