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7 March 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 29
Florida, Michigan Want Democrats to Seat Delegates -- In the internecine struggle for the Democratic nomination, few dumber things have happened than the Florida and Michigan not-really-primaries. Democratic National Committee told both states that if they voted prior to February 5, they wouldn’t get any delegates. Michigan voted January 15 and Florida on January 29. Now, the rule-breakers want delegates to the national convention in Denver seated anyway. Justice demands they get their wish, but only if they vote again.

Parliament Votes against EU Referendum -- All three main British political parties stood for election with a pledge to hold a referendum on the EU constitution. Wednesday, the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party betrayed that promise, and in the process, suffered embarrassing rebellions in the House of Commons. Oddly, the Tories were united on Europe for once.

Carlyle Mortgage Fund Receives Default Notice -- The Carlyle Group’s publicly traded mortgage fund, Carlyle Capital Corp., missed four of seven margin calls on Wednesday and received one notice of default. It expects to receive another shortly. The company says this is the result of margin requests that weren’t “representative of the underlying recoverable value.” It is, however, representative of the global credit squeeze.

Parents’ Group Complains to CBS about “Dexter” -- The Parents Television Council is a body that spends its time worrying about whether various TV programs are appropriate for kids. Its most recent complaint is against CBS and its Sunday night broadcasts of the quite brilliant show “Dexter.” PTC President Tim Winter issued a statement that read, “It is apparent CBS cares nothing for the children it’s influencing. CBS’ claims that it is only targeting adults with ‘Dexter’ are utterly false.” The problem, though, has more to do with parents than with CBS.

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