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12 March 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 31
Obama Wins Mississippi Primary -- Not surprisingly, Senator Barack Obama won the Democratic Primary in Mississippi with over 60% of the votes cast. The contest was racially charged, with some 40% of the voters saying race actually entered into their deliberations. Since black voters make up 70% of the Democratic vote in Mississippi, that factor weighed in his favor. By the same token, however, one of Mrs. Clinton’s surrogates, former Congresswoman and vice presidential nominee Geraldine Ferraro, played the race card unashamedly right before the voting began. The Clinton campaign is now reduced to saying “Keep the White House white.”

Chinese Authorities Tear Gas Tibetan Monks -- Maybe it was the Bjork concert in Beijing, where the artsy chanteuse ended her gig with a shout of “Free Tibet!” Or perhaps, the Communist government of the People’s Republic of China wants to make sure the Olympics this summer aren’t a stage for making human rights demands and have singled out Tibet as a way to send a message. In any case, the Chinese police have tear gassed about 500 Tibetan monks who have staged protests. Unless and until they are prepared to use violence, though, the people of Tibet are going to be part of the PRC.

NY’s Governor Caught in Prostitution Scandal -- New York Governor Eliot Spitzer made his mark as a prosecutor who nailed those with moral and ethical weaknesses on Wall Street. Now, it appears the man who referred to himself as a “steamroller of ethics” has been caught up in a prostitution scandal. When one first heard the news, the initial response was disbelief. After all, with a salary of $179,000 per year, free housing and a family fortune of millions, surely Mr. Spitzer didn’t need the money, and besides, who would pay to sleep with him?

Lord Goldsmith Suggests New UK Holiday -- Peter Henry Lord Goldsmith, Baron Goldsmith, is perhaps the most brilliant lawyer to have served as Attorney General of England and Wales in decades. His report, “Citizenship: A Common Bond,” is an admirable study of what British citizenship is and what it ought to entail. However, it misses its mark in calling for a new national holiday and citizenship activities. Such things are so very unBritish.

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