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19 March 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 34
Florida’s Democrats Can’t Organize Re-Vote -- Florida made itself the laughing stock of the democratic world in the 2000 presidential election when it turned out the state’s officials couldn’t design a comprehensible ballot and couldn’t count votes. This year, they failed to burnish that image by managing to get their entire delegation to the Democratic National Convention unseated because they couldn’t follow party rules. Worse, given the chance to hold another primary over the next two months, they couldn’t figure out how to get that done.

Kenyan MPs Unanimously Enact Peace Plan -- The day after a half-Luo man by the name of Barack Obama candidly discussed America’s racial problems, his father’s country of Kenya took a step away from ethnic violence and civil war. Unanimously, Kenya’s parliament voted for the legislation needed to implement the peace plan negotiated after the violence that a terribly flawed election started. This can only be regarded as good news for everyone.

Fed Cuts Interest Rates by 75 Basis Points -- In its sixth interest rate cut in as many months, the US Federal Reserve cut the Fed Funds rate to 2.25%, down 75 basis points from 3.0%. Typically, the Fed drops and raises rates at about a quarter of a percent at a time because it signals a change without being terribly disruptive. Since Friday, US interest rates are down a full percentage and 2% since New Year’s Day, suggesting that the Fed finally understands that in fighting inflation it didn’t pay enough attention to the dangers of recession.

Obama, Race, America and Class -- For the last few days, the Obama campaign has been under fire for something the pastor at his church said regarding the raw deal black Americans have had, and continue to have. Yesterday, the Illinois senator gave a speech about race in America that should have been given years ago. Eight years into the 21st century, America still talks about race in 19th century terms.

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