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24 March 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 36
Richardson Backs Obama --Of all the Democratic candidates for president, New Mexico's Bill Richardson has the best resume. Fourteen years as a congressman, he also served the Clinton White House as Secretary of Energy and UN Ambassador, and he has been governor of his home state for years. He is probably the most powerful Hispanic in America. When he backed Senator Barack Obama late last week, he drove what might be the final nail in the coffin of the Clinton campaign.

Kuomintang Wins Taiwanese Presidency -- Democracy is alive and well in China, if one counts Taiwan as China. The island of 23 million held elections over the weekend and chose Ma Ying-jeou, a former Taipei mayor, as its new president. He handily defeated, Frank Hsieh of the Democratic Progressive Party by about 17% of the vote. While the economy was the issue that turned out Mr. Hsieh, relations with the communist dictatorship in Beijing make the election of Mr. Ma vital to the world.

US Treasuries to be Sold in $100 Denomination -- Starting on April 7, it will be possible for investors to purchase US treasury bonds in $100 denominations. Until now, the smallest size was $1,000. This move will benefit both the US government and to investors. “The new, lower minimum Treasury amount will put marketable securities within reach of more savers and investors in the United States and around the world,” said Anthony Ryan, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Financial Markets. This is something the US government should have done ages ago.

Aretha Franklin Plays Radio City Music Hall -- The Queen of Soul did two dates at New York's finest space (sorry, Carnegie Hall) over the week-end, and she proved that 66 years (as of today, happy birthday, Aretha) degrades one's stamina but no one's talent. She managed a 90-minute show that was part concert, part Sunday afternoon at a Baptist Church.

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