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11 April 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 44
GOP Congressmen Express Concern to Petraeus, Crocker -- During Wednesday’s testimony before the House Armed Services and Foreign Affairs Committees, something important happened. Several members of the Republican Party expressed concern that the war in Iraq-Nam apparently has no end in sight. That doesn’t mean they are breaking with Mr. Bush, but it does mean they are worried about the damage the war is doing to their party. Elections can focus a politician’s mind like nothing else.

Protesters Disrupt Olympic Torch Relay -- The Olympic torch is making its way around the world in a charming and delightful tradition that was regrettably begun by the Nazis for the 1936 games. This year, some of the “Free Tibet” crew have decided to disrupt the procession. They managed to force changes to the route, and the communist government in Beijing has been whining about them ruining the party. It’s one of those cases where all involved are acting like dumb-asses.

Bank of England Cuts Interest Rate to 5% -- The Bank of England announced a 25-basis point rate cut yesterday, taking the UK’s base interest rate down to 5%. This is the BoE’s third rate cut since December. The housing market there has been slow for some time, and the City is as nervous as Wall Street about financial instability. The rate cut suggests that the BoE is not panicking, but it realizes that the British economy is wobbling.

Tourists Mistake Munich for Monaco -- Reuters reported yesterday that two women who originally hailed from the Dominican Republic and who now live in Italy had arranged to meet a niece of theirs in Monaco. The trouble is that in Italian, “Monaco” can refer to either Munich, Germany, or the principality of Princess Grace on the Mediterranean. Sure enough, they went to Germany while their niece was on the Riviera.

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