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16 April 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 46
McCain’s Economic Speech is Self-Contradictory -- Senator John McCain is on record as saying he isn’t much on economics. He made a big speech yesterday at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh yesterday that proved it. While he hit the usual GOP themes, and while he played the populist card, he also decided that what America didn’t need was subsidies and bail-outs. He then proceeded to offer subsidies and bail-outs.

Berlusconi Wins Italian Parliamentary Election -- Like the madman in a slasher film, the once and future Premier of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, just won’t stay dead. The richest man in the country and the guy who more or less controls the Italian media, Mr. Berlusconi just won his third election in 14 years. The Kensington Review wishes him good luck and success, although based on experience, it is almost certain to end badly.

Delta and Northwest to Form World’s Largest Airline -- Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines can’t agree on how to spell “airlines,” but they have agreed to join together, forming the world’s largest airline, or air line. On Monday, both companies’ boards approved the merger, and now, it is up to the government’s anti-trust guys (they’ll go along) and the unions (who will agree if they get the right price).

Late Wigan Goal Gives Man U Insurmountable Leaps -- Chelsea FC is one of the powerhouse soccer teams in England, and the local favorite at this journal. Firmly in second place, they had a chance to move within a single game of Manchester United on Monday playing fifteenth place Wigan at Stamford Bridge. A goal by Emile Heskey pulled Wigan level at 1-1 in injury time. It now looks like the Premiership Title is Manchester United’s.

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