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21 April 2008


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Latest Commentary: Volume VII, Number 48
National Defense University Paper Slams Administration -- The National Defense University [NDU] says it “educates military and civilian leaders through teaching, research, and outreach in national security strategy, national military strategy, and national resource strategy; joint and multinational operations; information strategies, operations, and resource management; acquisition; and regional defense and security studies.” Last week, it issued a monograph that calls the war in Iraq-Nam “a major debacle.”

Paraguay Throws out Colorado Party after 61 Years -- The Asociación Nacional Republicana – Partido Colorado [ANR-PC] has run Paraguay since 1947. From that year until 1962, it was the only legal political party in the country. Dictator Alfredo Stroessner used the Colorado Party along with the military to ensure that he kept his job, blurring the distinction between party and state. Over the week-end, the people of Paraguay voted the Colorado Party out of power.

Bank of England Offers £50 Billion Mortgage Bail-Out -- Britain’s central bank, the Bank of England, has announced a £50 billion mortgage bail-out. With the banks hesitant to lend even to each other, something needs to be done. The response from the City, however, has been less than enthusiastic. It appears that the price of the rescue is more than many in finance are prepared to pay.

Secret Service Agent Helps Kid See Pope -- Secret Service agents are, by nature, probably a little more selfless than most. After all, it is their job to take a bullet for another person. During Pope Benedict’s visit to New York this week-end, one agent on the Pope’s protection detail went the extra mile for a kid in a wheelchair, getting him into see the Pope.

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